Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Res's

As I sit here solo on New Years Eve (Yes, alone. Yes, for the first time. Yes, I had plans. No, I don't want to talk about it), I'm contemplating my New Year's Resolutions. For one, I will not be eating black eye peas tomorrrow.

I made this mmmm good concotion of corn bread and crockpot black eyed peas last year and 2009 wasn't so hot for me. I was trying to be life innovative and start a new tradition (bc traditions make my heart smile). So I think I'll skip out on wasting my time tomorrow. Even though I will miss this amazing bowl of new years food.

And since my last year's resolutions didn't turn out just how I wanted them too, I was thinking of switching it up and creating "Maker/Baker New Years Resolutions"....

1. Buy and use a sewing machine.
2. Paint for my own apartment
3. Make a cake with fondant icing.
4. Buy a really cute apron.
5. Buy an overly priced glass cake pan from Williams Sonoma.
6. Bake and make my heart out for others to put more smiles on people's faces.
7. Try and not lick every bowl of batter this year (staying true to my diet)
8. Keep up my new blog.
9. Get more creative on packaging homemade gifts.
10. Continue to use my hobby as my creative outlet. :)

What's yours?

P.S. I ALWAYS come up with themes for the upcoming year. Last year was "Be kind in '09". This year with ten being so rhymable, (no, it's not a word. yes, you may use it.) I've had so many ideas. Here are a few... "Begin again in 2010", "Not again in 2010", "Be a good friend in 2010"... I can't decide which one...

Crafting as a gift.

When I create things, I like to give them to someone who I know will appreciate it. Since my sister seems to be my number one fan, I like to give things to her. Like this cute little classroom sign for her room last year ...

I just cut up scrapbooking paper and mod podged (my FAVORITE) onto a wooden piece from Hobby Lobby, and finished it off with some raised paint. I'm not the biggest fan of this sign, but Lisa says other teachers comment on it all the time so I thought I'd put it on here. (that's her "posing" like she always does when I give her something)

Since Henry II (my precious dog) is the joy of my life, I had to make him something as well. So I figured he needed a little doggie sign by his bowls. :)

And then my ALL TIME FAVORITE present that I ever gave was the button bouquet that I saw in a magazine that I made for Lisa.

First, I painted a clear flower vase as my base coat so you couldn't see the stems. But you can leave it clear and put cute filling in to make it just as cute.

After I let the paint stop drying, I mod podged cute sayings or words that had to do with me or Lisa or that reminded me of her.

Then, with the oh-so-precious package of buttons I purchased, I wired the buttons onto wire stem to make cute "flowers".

And the finished product looks so presh on her coffee table.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Baking

This is the first time I've lived at home during the holidays since I was 18 (7 years!!!). So OF COURSE I would volunteer to bake some goodies for the holiday dinners at my mom and dad's.

Behold... Paula Dean "Not Yo' Mama's" Banana Pudding

That's 8 bananas chopped up! Geeze.

Nothing like some good ol condensed milk...

Finished product. Mmmmm goood. And it was a "hit"! (see recipe below)

Go here for the recipe...

Van Mo...(I should leave it to Van Gough)

This year I've had the chance to see some great local artists that have really inspired my newest "hobby of creating"...painting. I'm no artist and I never took art. I like to make unique paintings that involve paint, raised paint, and scrapbook paper. I didn't know I was doing this blog when I painted these so I only have finished product pictures.

This is the one I painted for the twin's classroom.

Here's my combo of raised paint and regular paint.

Making is therapy.

Since I was a little kid, I've ALWAYS wanted to open a bakery. One of my favorite reoccuring childhood memories is going to Pappasitos with my parents and getting a piece of dough to play with while dinner conversation was going on. The older I've gotten, baking has really become something I enjoy and is like a therapy/outlet from everyday stresses. When I'm in the kitchen, I get into a mode of concentration. When the timer dings (ok, it beeps)and my finished product comes out- I get a sense of completion that makes me smile. To add to my love of baking, I've added crafting and painting (more to come on this). I found this picture of college graduation weekend when I was "decorating" my cap with my two grandfathers who passed. Like I said, crafting is therapy. :)


I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but didn't want my personal information out on the internet. After Lisa (my twin) said people always inquire about the crafty things I make for her classroom (she's also a teacher), I decided I needed a forum to outlet my ideas and copied ideas for the baking and crafting that I love. So enjoy! Beg, borrow, steal is our mantra as teachers and coaches... so it's the theme of the website as well! :)

P.S. The blog setting up sure is complicated.