Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lima Bean Wreath

Saturday was a nice day to myself. I didn't talk alot (except to my brown dog) and really just soaked in the solitude (which unfortunately means I gravitate to shopping every time. Ugh). So last night I decided to tackle a project that's been sitting in my crafting room (a.k.a. a plastic, over-filled container in my dining room). I first saw this lima bean wreath project on All Things Thrifty blog (her button is to the side) Her creations are copyrighted so I have to cite her blog when I use her ideas. Fair enough. I thought it was the cutest idea! Not to mention, easy, which is why I wanted to do it!

Supplies: A bag of Lima Beans, a styrofoam wreath, a hot glue gun, and NO butter fingers (I'll explain).

First, put hot glue on the back of one of those little beans.

And then stick the little sucker all by his lonesome on the wreath.

Then start lining up the beans. I started with a slant, and then turned to more vertical lines. I also chose large lima beans and now wish I would've used smaller ones. I think the smaller ones would fill in more space. Some people use acorns.

This really is time consuming.

OK here's the front done... now to the center...

Then I did the inside next, which was the pain in the butt because of the angling.

Then move to the outside... almost done...

FINALLY, done putting lima beans on. (It took two hours in whole.)

Then I put my wreath on a plastic baggy and started spray painting it. I chose black shiny spray paint (there were so many choices at Hobby Lobby, it was stressful :)

The next day, I put a second coat on so the styrofoam wreath soaked the color in.

The finished product was great! I like the black on black (even though good ol' Dad said it looked like a tire- men! :).

And I looped a cute ribbon through it and nailed it to the top of my door. :)

And here's some free extra information. I didn't know if you knew this, glue sticks get between 250-380 degrees HOT. The reason I know this was because those dang beans are s l i p p e r y. I had just put hot glue on one of them, when it slipped and landed FACE DOWN on my thigh. Let's just say it burned right through my skin and got all veiny and red. Ouch. I googled how hot the dang glue gun gets because I couldn't believe the heat. SO be careful because that was one of MANY hot glue lima bean injuries that night.

Lima Bean Hot Glue Injury # 1432

I'm a hard core maker because I have wounds. :P

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Delightful Egg Sandwich

I've been making this sweet concotion of deliciousness in the morning that is my version of the egg sandwich.

I thought I'd share it with you since it's changing my mornings...for the better. :) ha!

First thing you'll need is some egg beaters. I threw mine away so here's what it looks like for those of yall who don't know.

Then you need the divine goodness of Sara Lee Sandwichthins. AMAZING. So low in calories and taste oh-so-good.

And you need some sour cream (if you know me, you know I love me some sour cream) and salsa. (Oh and a slice of cheesy)

First, spray the pan with Pam. This is a must or the egg beaters don't cook right.

Then cook the egg beaters in the pan ( I swear they look more appetizing in real life). And I cook them on high bc I'm usually in a hurry. And have zero patience.

Then, I spread the sour cream lightly on one side of my bread and put the cheese on the other side.

Next, I put salsa LIGHTLY spread on top of my sour cream. You don't want to go ape crazy and sog down your sandwich. Remember, modesty with the spreading. :)

Then put the egg on top of the cheese, to melt it. (Ignore my baby piece of egg that's on the side of the plate. That's for Henry. He likes eggs too :)

The Delightful Egg Sandwich...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peanut Butter Walnut Concotion

The Pillsbury Dough Boy is too too cute. Every time I see that little guy on a commercial, I just want to squeeze his face off and stick him in my pocket.

Speaking of Pillsbury, they have great recipes on their website. So I decided to try a baking one.

I'm going to see my presh Dad tomorrow so I thought I'd bake for him and my stepmom. I picked this Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookie Pie. Unfortunately, I didn't read the recipe that well and when I got to baking, I realized it said I needed a springform pan. What the heck is that?! I had to google it. And I definitely don't own one. So I went on to my good friend, Improvise.

First, spray a 9 inch pan with good ol' Pam.

Second, spread Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie dough in a 9 inch normal pan. Bake for 15-20 minutes, depending on your oven. It took a while in my pan.

Meanwhile, put one cup of peanut butter, 3 cups of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, and a 1/4 cup of water in a bowl.


Then melt a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave.

Spread sweet mixture on top of baked cookie.

Then drizzle melted chocolate chips on top.

Then I added some more walnuts to the top because I tend to always go overboard in all areas of my life. :)

So here you have it... sure hope it tastes as good as it looks. I'll let you know tomorrow...

And of course, I have to end with a presh picture of my blog mascot. Henry has been the best Valentine today. Extra cuddly and full of love. He's a doggie cupid. The ladies love him. I mean, look at that sweet smile with ears back in pure happiness. He's a model. If you're feeling envious of my pet, that's natural.

Happy Love Day to the loves of my life.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Day... my FAVORITE.

Guess what?...I'm not coaching this weekend. I do have a couple of papers due for this dang masters, but I have SOME free time and I'm taking full advantage of that!

Valentine's is probably my 3rd favorite holiday (1. Christmas 2. Lisa and I's birthday). I LOVE love LOVE, well, love. Hearts and ooey gooey stuff are my FAVORITE. My heart thrives on the concept of love. And being single this weekend, I'm completely ok. Because I think this weekend is about more than romantic love. I have amazing family and friends. And OF COURSE, the cutest and cuddliest dog in the world. Why would I have complaints? Ok enough mushy gushy stuff...It's my blog. I run this show. :)

My bestie Nicole, and I wanted to make our loved ones something cute for Valentine's. So we were off to dinner (for her to try a Veggie Burger for the first time) and then off to my fave place ever...Hobby Lobby. After the LoNg day I had, I needed this making therapy and the good laughs with an old friend inevitably always lightens me up. Fun/good friends are hard to come by. I'm lucky to have so many great friends. Anyway....

We came across some really cute heart boxes. We decided to decorate and fill with heart shaped cookies. The boxes- success. The cookie- MAJA fail. Ugh. What's my deal with baking these days? I'm getting so rusty because of my ridiculous schedule. Over it.

While I start cutting the (TON) of cookie dough we bought into precious Valentine's shapes, she started painting the boxes our respective chosen colors.

She had to blow dry the base color so we could get to decorating for time purposes.

So I started making one for my mom. Of course my favorite bible verse had to make an appearance. I used one of the hundreds of presh fonts I downloaded over Christmas from the button on the side of my blog. I've mod podged my heart out on the last couple of projects so this time I stuck with paint pens (alright, and a baby amount of mod podge).

If you know me, you know I love hearts. So that was the detail on the side. Not to mention two rows of oh-so-cute ribbon hot glued to the box.

Then to Lisa's. I knew she would probably put it in her classroom so I had to make it over the top (you know how Kindergarteners are). I hot glued fish rocks to the outside of her top to add a unique touch.

And of course boa makes anything feminine and fun, so I added it for some flair.

SO fun. These make me want to make cute boxes all day.

And here are Nicole's (we were laughing because the boxes fit our personalities- my boxes are crazy and random and hers are ordered and toned down). Hers turned out so cute. This one was for the bf.

Side of hers...

Now the baking...our idea for the cookies were full of precious intentions...

And then the cookies got rebellious in the oven (probably a little hot in there) and took a turn for the worse...

Ahhhhh, the cookies were bloated and a bust. (Good thing moms think you do no wrong and she was one of my recipients.)

Overall: good idea, good conversation, good laughs, good crafting, good night. :)