Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello Again.

Wow, what a semester. I've been so busy and SO much has happened this year that's finally winding down. I feel like school years make life go by so much faster because I live my life in terms of semesters. Well, club volleyball has wrapped up (hello, weekends). Graduate courses are done for the semester (until they start back up in 2 weeks). And the school year is winding down. That means one thing for my blog...

I'm back. :)

Ok onto the first craft back. So I'm a K.E.Y.S. mentor to a great student at the high school I teach at. Basically, for those of yall who don't know what that entails, we just talk and she knows she can come vent to me about her problems. It's a program for students who might need some guidance and good advice. I love it. Well, we had our end-of-the-year breakfast this morning so I thought I'd make her a little something.

So I bought a framed picture at Good Will a while ago for $3.50.

I dismantled it because, let's be serious, the fish is a little sad.

On a side note, I love Anthropologie (bear with me, this has a point). Like, I
L O V E Anthropologie. I want to live in their store and when I get their catalogs, I want to live in those too (like this one below, I died when I looked through it).

The clothes are so great and I love the creative direction their store stands for. So when I got a catalog a while ago, I thought the pictures inside were craft worthy of a future project. Good thing I saved them. I used it for this one! So I started looking through it, getting pictures that were soothing so I could create a theme. Then I glued the pictures (with Mod Podge of course) to the back of the cardboard that came with the frame... (not real sure why this pic isn't rotated)

And then I got my raised paint and added the K.E.Y.S. word to the top and then a heart at the bottom. Just for some personality. You know.

And, of course, the boring white frame wasn't doing it for me so I polka dotted it out with paint pens. I didn't go overboard for once.

(The following picture is a testament to why I REALLY need to get a really great camera.)

So here's the finished product. I like the way it turned out. :) Even more so that it was easy and for a sweet teenager.

Feels good to be back to crafting... this summer will be full of projects. And possibly fulfilling one of my crafting new year's resolutions- buying a sewing machine. Stay tuned....