Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello 4th year.

Well, in my last ditch effort  to savor my last day of summer, I got A L O T done. I had one million errands to run and a thousand things to do. And yet, I still fit some baking and making into my schedule, naturally.

Let’s just say this baker’s sweet tooth has been in full effect the last week (insert confession: I had cake for breakfast Saturday. Judge me.) So when I have a reason to “celebrate” (i.e. first day of school), then I bake. So I made cupcakes and Ghiradelli brownies. Mmmm. My apartment smelled like bliss.

Btw, you have to make these brownies. SO good.


(Obviously, I didn’t purchases the much needed camera yet. Grrr)

So I put some brownies in cellophane/brown take-out box and made it pretty for my mom (who kind of rocks a ton)  and friend, Steph (whose pregnant and needs to feed two people, people.) :)

                              IMG_2281 IMG_2286

And then I went to town making frames. I just bought basic ones, and wrote good quotes on them with paint pens. They’re for my book shelf in my classroom.

Oh, and for my favorite teacher friends, Nicole and Lauren (shout out) :) Theirs are the two on the right. They help keep my sanity in the gym and on the speech hallway. :)


And then I bought some flowers on sale at Michaels and needed a vase. Found an old jar in my craft area. Paint penned it and filled it with lima beans. I’m super pumped about the added touch to my classroom/desk and the quote to remind me to stay positive (“Smile, life is grand”. And gosh, isn’t it? :) )

                          IMG_2308         IMG_2307

And then I thought about how great my student assistant for my volleyball team is. So while I was out buying crafty stuff, I bought her a tshirt and some paint to make a shirt to wear at a game. I kept it basic.

IMG_2289  There’s a cute back, but the paint is drying. (The letters stand for Junior Varsity Student Assistant). She’s such a huge help, and it’s not the most fun job. But she’s so efficient and I can really count on her. I appreciate her being apart of my team this year. I hope I have a daughter who is like these girls that I’m blessed to coach/teach. (Notice nothing was said about boys, that was intentional :) ha.

And last but not least, I’ve decided to completely re-do my bedroom 2 weeks ago (impulsive is a good quality for something, right? :)  I just feel like your bedroom should be restful and peaceful, and my other decorations just weren’t. They were from local artists who I LOVE, but they were all thrown together for a mini chaos. Not relaxing.

So I bought this cute comforter at Target and have started the creative process of making my bedroom. Here is the pattern and colors. Ahhhhh, soothing. :)


So I love the empty frame idea for walls. I had black ones hanging and so I spray painted them pink.

            IMG_2291  IMG_2293


And now I really need to crack into my creative juices and come up with some great stuff to put in and around these. We’ll see… stay tuned.

Whew, what a productive last day of summer. I needed to get creative. It felt good after a very busy summer of grad classes, working, and a new boyfriend (the last part being my favorite part :).

The first day back was great. I’m so blessed to be a teacher, which is what I wanted to do since I was in 4th grade. It can get stressful and the last month of season hasn’t been the smoothest, but in the end, I couldn’t be more luckier to be around teenagers all day. I kind of really love it. Whew.

It’s good to be back to my bloggy. I must warn you, I’m back in season, school, and graduate courses. So posts may be sparse (is anyone following this anyway? :), but I’m here, thinking of my next project….