Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Layers and surprises

I’ve seen people make some really cool cakes with layers of colors inside. I figured it’s not that hard and decided to try it for Christmas cookies, cupcakes, and an Aggie cake I recently made.

With the cookies, I made basic sugar cookies. I split the cookie dough up and put green/red food coloring inside to make the colors. Then, I covered the cookies in my Christmas cookie sprinkles. Wa la’.


Next, were the Christmas cupcakes! Let the layering begin…

First, I made the cake batter. Next, I split the batter into two bowls. (The presh pig spatula is from my mom.)One bowl had red food dye…

IMG_2751 IMG_2751

The other had green dye…

IMG_2752 IMG_2753

I put the first layer of each color down in the cupcake cups…

IMG_2754 IMG_2755

Then, I put the food dye in the icing and alternated icing colors too! And of course, took advantage of using my Christmas sprinkles once again…

IMG_2758 IMG_2759

And in every cupcake was a surprise of Christmas colors!


So since I’ve had too much fun with layering, I decided to make and Aggie cake for the bowl game they were in. Yes, I’m a devoted girlfriend because my bf went to A & M. So I made three pans of cake. Layered them on top of each other (the cake was too tall for my cake stand). And then had a little fun decorating…

image image

Unfortunately, the maroon layer inside didn’t help the ol’ Ags win. But I had fun making it!

So next time you get bored with a one-color cake, add some colors and layers for an inside surprise!

Real excited for 2011

Well, I think it’s only fitting to start this year’s blog posting on the coolest date of the year, 1/11/11! Oh man, I wish I was getting married or having a kid or some big lifetime milestone on a cool date like today. The date is unforgettable.

Last year was one of the best years of my life. And it’s one year I didn’t make “real” New Year’s Resolutions, but “crafting” ones. I think because 2009 was not a good year for me and because New Year’s Eve, particularly, was a bad day that I was feel unoptimistic. Wow, what a year’s difference life makes. And I’m real glad that life happens this way because I couldn’t be more happy and blessed. Let’s recap on the year’s crafting resolutions and see which ones came true (like their wishes, ha!) ….

2010 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Buy and use a sewing machine. Ok, does it count that my Daddy bought me one (Singer Simple Sewing Machine, see below) for Christmas (barely making the year)? And I’m taking a sewing class in the weeks to come!!!


2. Paint for my own apartment I did this one too! The picture is no longer hanging up, but I did paint a picture (actually 2) and put them in my bedroom.
3. Make a cake with fondant icing. This is on my list for 2011. I REALLY want to do this soon. Lauren, if you’re reading this, I was thinking about doing this for your birthday!
4. Buy a <em></em>really<em></em> cute apron. Again, my sister bought me one for my birthday!!! Yay!

5. Buy an overly priced glass cake pan from Williams Sonoma.Guess I’ll put this on my wish list for 2011!
6. Bake and make my heart out for others to put more smiles on people's faces. I did a l o t  of baking this year. Oh man, my sweet tooth was sat-is-fied. But the making, I need to do more making. Another reso for 2011! 
7. Try and not lick every bowl of batter this year (staying true to my diet) I lost over 50 lbs in 2010! I have gained back 10, but I’m still working out every day! And working on losing that extra 10. NO more licking batters. :)
8. Keep up my new blog. I think I did a good job keeping my blog up considering I’m coaching, teaching, coaching club, and getting my masters. Not to mention trying to see friends, family, and a (real cute) bf.
9. Get more creative on packaging homemade gifts. Didn’t have time :(
10. Continue to use my hobby as my creative outlet. :) Yes and Yes!

So overall, I think I did a good job! Here’s my craft reso list for 2011…. (I’ll keep the real life reso’s under wrap)…

1. Make a fondant cake

2. Sew, sew, sew

3. Buy an overly priced glass cake pan from Williams Sonoma.

4. Craft more than last year.

5. Make a pretty wreath!

And sticking with the themes that I like to do that rhyme with the new year (last year it was “Begin again in 2010, which couldn’t be more fitting), I’ve had a harder time with 2011. But seeing as God and my relationship with Jesus should always be the main focus of my life (and too many times, unfortunately, it’s not)- I went with “Focus on Heaven in 2011!” :)

Happy New Year friends.