Sunday, April 17, 2011

It’s been toooo long…

Really? It’s been since the beginning of the year since my last post? Oh my gaw, that’s too long. I have apparently been so busy this spring. I have needed to craft and create. But, I just want to lay and be lazy when it’s time for down time. I will craft this summer!
So much has happened this spring. My sweet grandma passed away at the beginning of the year, my club season has been going full force (and successfully), I’m writing my paper for my graduate degree, and…
*subject switch*
Wow, I really love Groupon. Oh man, genius idea. They make their monthly quota from me buying their groupons so much. Concept: Buy a “groupon” to a restaurant/business/ spa/etc. for a lower price than what it’s worth. Example: Buy a $50 groupon to Gap for $25. So you essentially are saving half!
*back to original subject*
So this weekend, my wonderful boyfriend and I decided to use two separate groupons. Genius idea for us. I needed it and it was a creative time. We went to this place called Mad Potter. Lisa and I grew up going to places like this, and we LOVED it as kids. So yes, I dragged my bf along. Concept: You pick out what you want to paint and they put it in the kiln for you. Choices: pots, frames, pitchers, figurines, coffee cups, etc. I, naturally, picked out a football helmet for my football coach honey. And he painted me a cookie jar (melt). Here’s the pics of our good time (the finished product is getting picked up Tuesday):
So we had to make a choice. Let’s just say this is a little overwhelming for the indecisive folks out there (a.k.a. me)…
DSCN0169Then they give you colors to choose from…again, 52 colors and you start to panic…
DSCN0180  DSCN0181
I already painted the helmet before I realized I didn’t take a picture.
And here’s my cookie jar, sideways  :)
He’s an artist who plans out his work….
DSCN0165 I’m a wannabe who “plans” out my work…DSCN0166
I really wanted to make it to where he could put it on his desk. I couldn’t make it cracked out like I wanted (bc it couldn’t look girly) so I stayed to the basics…
 DSCN0171 DSCN0172 DSCN0174
And I was sneaky on the inside..
Now, Nate’s cookie jar blew my measly helmet to pieces. I’ll stick to crafts and baking…
DSCN0175 He drew Henry!!!!
And us! (P.S. That’s what we were wearing last night) (P.S.S. The skin will look like skin when it’s glazed)
DSCN0176 DSCN0179 DSCN0178
We were there for 3 hours and it was a good, relaxing (much-needed) time.
It was 10pm before we headed off to dinner at Sushi Raku. It was a great little spot in Midtown that felt like we were in a movie. We scarfed down one million rolls and had a good laugh over some crab legs that looked like a fried spider (by laugh, I mean I almost vomitted).
Go use Groupon, go to Mad Potter, go to Sushi Raku, and take a breath when life knocks the wind out of you. It will be ok :)