Saturday, May 21, 2011

I think I’m a hair stylist/make-up artist. Ha.

This blog is about baking and making. Mostly about desserts and crafting. However, I do like to create in other venues. Particularly, when I like to play “I would do this ________ in another life”. Today was, “I would be a hair stylist/make-up artist”. I love when I’m asked to do hair or make-up for dances. I wish I knew how to do this stuff when I was in high school and I would’ve saved my mother some maja $ since we always came home and destroyed the Victorian hairstyles these old ladies would come up with. Homecoming was stressful because inevitably we (me and the twin) didn’t like what our hair updo looked like. I do remember one year my sis got smart, saved my mom some money, and did her own hair. It looked great!

Anyway, today was prom. And the sweet girl that asked me to do her hair for homecoming, asked me to do her hair today. The kicker: she wanted an updo! Now, I can curl hair with the best of them and make down/half-way up styles look like a celebrity. But updos….now that’s a different story! I’d never tried it before. I was excited and nervous.

So I got on the ol’ You tube and searched updos. Some of these people are real talented. But I wasn’t finding what I needed. So I winged it. I started by curling her hair. Then we chatted about what she was thinking (which was a low curled bun mess). I got to pinning the curls all over and being creative. I was going for Lauren Conrad's style updo, while it ended up coming out a little vintage. She had these presh starfish sparkle clips to add for flava. (See if you can find the trendy feather addition in picture #3. That was fun to try and hide. :)

IMAG0399 IMAG0400 IMAG0403

I was really pleased that she was pleased. You don’t want to ruin a 17 year old’s prom. :)

On to make-up: She wanted a smoky eye look. After looking at some cheesy “smoky eye” videos with some really bad sultry music on in the background, I got the idea and decided to be creative. This is a little harder to tell in person. But I used purple eyeliner, some shimmer light pink eye shadow, and contoured the eye with dark purple.

IMAG0405fixedddd IMAG0401 IMAG0402

I had fun and she’s cute as a button. Love this girl and her family. Good people. Her hair was 10 inches shorter than the last time I did it. We were all surprised that make-up and hair were only an hour and 25 mins!

Like I said, I love this girly stuff and I get so excited when I get to do it. I’ll be heartbroken if I have smelly, muddy boys one day (ok ok, I’ll be thankful. But I need tu tus and pink in my life. Girly girl, through and through). This gave me my creating fix for a while. Summers coming…stay tuned for some good stuff (hopefully). :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fondant, oh Fondant

One of my New Year’s resolutions for the last two years has been to make a cake with fondant. The definition of fondant is a thick, creamy sugar paste. But oh, it’s so pretty.

There’s so much you can do with fondant, like this cake that I love…


Now, I wish I was this good. I’m no where to close.

*subject change*

It was my wonderful Dad’s birthday. He turned 51. I don’t want my parents to get any older. End of story. I love celebrating them on a day to themselves, but hate when their next birthday comes. I need them to live to 100. Thanks. Anyway, I thought, this is the perfect time to make a fondant cake for someone so special in my life…

Me and my Padre on his Cinco De Mayo birthday. :)



Ok so I went to Michaels and went to their RIDIC cake section! Let’s just say, I was in H E A V E N. Pure baking heaven. I had to call my mom so she could tell me that I needed a purchasing limit. Because if I was rich and had money to blow (or if I got caught up in the moment and didn’t have the money) I would’ve bought a million dollars worth of baking stuff.

Loonnnnng story short, I bought some baking goods. A cake carrier (for tall circular cakes), fondant, a fondant roller, and some (awful) “decorating” icing (yah right).

This fondant (and the roller next to it) is where the “fun” is…


So I baked him the chocolate cake he asked for and attempted to ice it with Wilton’s “decorating” icing that I think was hard as a freaking boulder (shout out to Lisa) here… :)

I rolled it out…


I will tell you that I really worked my biceps here. My triceps looked pretty good afterwards too. Holy moly.

My bottom layer was too big, so I had to get a knife and cut the pieces off. Here’s an analogy for you: Cutting down trees to a tree hugger is like cutting cake off (that won’t be used) for a sweet tooth fanatic. It was painful to say the least.


So then I got the too-big fondant and plopped it on the now perfectly shaped cake. (Note, the cake “remains” in the Tupperware in the back. I told you, it was painful, so I saved it. I’m a cake good Samaritan. ) I rolled it with those lines on purpose for a “artsy” look. Ha. No, really, I did it on purpose. Artsy? Not really. Different? Sure :)


Then I cut around the cake to get the excess fondant off.


And then it looked too boring so I got my piping bags out and put them to use. First, I dyed my icing blue (which is my Dad’s fave color).

DSCN0223 DSCN0222

It wasn’t super edible as the fondant tasted like a piece of paper sprinkled (lightly) with sugar. I’m sure my dad' threw it out when I left (which is fine by me). Totally ok, because it sure was a pretty little cake. :) I’ll make him a “normal” cake the next time I see him to make up for me trying fondant for his birthday.

Overall thoughts on fondant:

  • I made it so overrated in my mind. Geeze. I thought I was going to feel different after making it. It was so easy that I was like, “Oh, ok.”
  • It didn’t taste good. When I get married one day, I do NOT want fondant cake at my wedding. It’s so so pretty, but not tasty. This sweet tooth needs to be satisfied.

*non-related subject insert coming*

Btw, I got a job for next year. God totally blessed me and led me to a freaking Head Coach position at a nearby school. I’m beyond excited! He is so so good.

Happy May.

I’m excited for the summer and more projects… we’ll see. :)