Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 minute fish and a healthy pancake.

Nate and I decided that we really needed to stop eating out so much. Two reasons: 1. to save on $ 2. to save on the costly calories that restaurants pack into their meals. So we sat down and planned out dinner for every night of the week. We are both coaches so we really don’t want to come home and cook some nights. But we really committed to this strategy last week and we did well.

H.E.B. always has a lady who’s cooking recipes in the by the bread section. She was cooking this fish salsa meal one time and I happened to pick up the recipe card.

I bought this Veracruz salsa sauce. You pour it in a sauce pan and then put your choice of fish in the sauce and start frying.

dscn0746 dscn0748

Then when it’s done (and it literally took 5 minutes), stick it on a plate and put some feta cheese crumbles on top.

dscn0752  and we added our favorite vegetable, corn…







So this experimentation with different meals has been fun to say the least. The next experimentation was with a “healthy” pancake. I l o v e  me some pancakes. Mmmm, I could eat a thousand (that’s the dang problem). So I heard someone talk about mixing oats and egg whites to make a healthy breakfast. So I bought some oats and some egg white liquid (because I didn’t feel like separating the real thing from the yolk.)


Next, I put 3/4 cup of egg whites in the blender.  dscn0737

Then 3/4 cup of oats…dscn0740

And for the first time making them, I even put a 1/4 cup of dscn0741 . :)

Then you pour the ingredients into a pan and make it like a pancake.

dscn0742   dscn0744

I put some spray butter and Cary’s sugar free syrup dscn0745 to make it delish.

And there you have it, two satisfying and under 5 minute meals. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apartment Revamp

Being a teacher and coach leaves little room for “big” organization projects in my spare time. And if I do get down time, the last thing I want to do is housework. Shoot, I don’t even clean my own apartment anymore! I pay someone. So this summer, I committed to telling myself that I needed to revamp some areas of my apartment on the down time I did get this summer. The living room and closet were the biggest areas that needed improvement.

I’ve been wanting to update my living room a little for a while now. So after seeing my sister do a great job with hers, I finally jumped on it. Here’s my living room wall before I re-vamped…


She had the creative idea (from Pinterest). Idea: Buy some frames from the dollar store, spray paint them. I use a designated spay paint sheet for a little clean-up help


Then you go to the craft store and buy some scrapbook paper that matches your decorating scheme. I have reds, a little greens, black, and designs in my living room. You also purchase some cute scrapbooking letters and create your favorite quote in one of the frames. I then, arranged the frames on the floor in different patterns until I figured out which ones I wanted.

DSCN0632 (I ended up not using these big pink frames, but it was an idea…)

DSCN0633 Measure out which paper you want to go in each frame.

Sometimes I have a visitor when I’m sitting on the floor doing a craft. DSCN0638

These are some of the designs I used.

DSCN0643  DSCN0645

Here’s my finished project!

DSCN0641  DSCN0642 (I spray painted those diamonds from the first picture posted, go look!)

So in my true quest to revamp and get organized before volleyball season starts in 30 days (!), I needed to get organized too. When season starts, I kiss my life outside of school and season as I know it. So I didn’t want to stress about the other stuff. One of the things I was stressing about was my wretched closet of a mess.

DSCN0648  I’m only going to post one picture so I can save myself any more embarrassment about the mess it became. But I’m so proud of the transformation, that I had to show you the difference. I went to Target looking for some drawers. I found a steal of 3 sets for $12.99 each!! I set those up instead of the bins I had that were holding my school tshirts, sweat pants, and athetic clothes. I hung my purses on the wall, and reogranized the top shelves. The biggest thing for me in the last year is making myself give away clothes that I do not wear and never will again. I have given close to 15 bags of clothes/shoes to charity in the last year and it’s been liberating to not keep a bunch of clothes I’m not going to wear anymore!

And here’s the finished project:

DSCN0680 DSCN0681 I can see the floor! And it’s so nice to be able to walk all the way in without having to trip over shoes and other globs of clothes. It such a sigh of relief to be organized. UNorganization is my greatest stress. And for the most part, I stay organized. But when 'I’m not, it’s not easy for me to look at. So summer clean project, check!