Monday, April 30, 2012

More Sugar Cookies

I made some more of the royal icing sugar cookies for Easter and for one of our couples shower (it was our thank you for the hosts). I just wanted to attach some pictures. It’s definitely getting easier and easier every time I make them. This heart batch took much less time than usual, although it still took hours and was tedious. It’s still much quicker than the 3 hours it’s been taking. I did make smaller cookies too. So that might’ve helped not having to flood so much surface.

I will tell my sob story though. :) I got up early the morning of the shower to make those cookies. I’ve been waking up for about an hour and a half in the middle of the night (at 3am or 4am, depending on when my body wants to wake up) and it creates a very tired morning since my sleep is so interrupted in the middle of rest. Long story short, we got in the car to go the shower. We were in the car for five minutes and the cookies  M E L T E D  to mush in their cute cookie bags. So I immediately start panicking (a.k.a. crying) because that was my cute gift for the four couples who were being so gracious. I haven’t gotten a good cry in a while, and the stresses of this time of the year, wedding, life, it made me have a little crying episode. My wonderful fiance was so supportive and said they still were going to taste amazing. Point is, a lesson was learned: transport royal icing sugar cookies in a cooler. I don’t care if that’s dramatic. I will never have my baking sweat put to waste again.

Easter Cookies:

photo 2(8)  photo 3(8)

Shower Thank You’s before the 2012 Meltdown (literally and figuratively speaking:)

photo 1(7)