Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Career Thankful

For the second time year in a row, I have the whole week off for Thanksgiving. So awesome. All my other teacher friends had to work today and yesterday. I slept in “late” (not past 8:45am, ugh), drank coffee while watching Kelly and Michael Talk Show, and ran errands. I’ve decided that I don’t think I’d be a good stay-at-home mom for a couple of reasons:
1. After watching morning talk shows, I wanted to adopt a baby chimp, a baby lion, and some other real cute animals. I was finding myself listening to needless information and vegging out. Not my style.
2. Today, I went to the mall to get some more MAC Mascara. I accidently walked around after that and bought some things. Whoopsies. :)
3. I’ve cleaned more in the last couple of days than I have all year. I can stand the clutter when I’m actually at home and around it. This is also not my style. Ha. 
4. I HAVE realized how many people are NOT out at stores and the mall during the day. HEB was a real treat. Which leads me to my next point (and the whole reason I’m posting)…

I went to HEB at what I guess is the prime time to go. Stations set up all over the place with samples and food ideas. One of them was a mashed potato station….yes please.

So long story short, I tried these mashed potatoes at a station and fell in love. Make them! (Click on the picture to make larger)…

photo 4

Magic ingredient:

photo 2

The recipe calls for 2-3 tablespoons to use. In my “more is always more” mentality, I went with three tablespoons. I now can suggest to use 2 tablespoons. Just trust me. Smile

Here’s the finished product…. mmmmm and just in time for Thanksgiving. This might as well be called “Mashed Potatoes week”. Besides my frequent visits to Luby’s, I just don’t get enough mashed potatoes in my life.

photo 3

And one of my fave reasons for being home the last two days, was being by this guy while reading my Kindle…

photo 1

He’s been so cuddly and I think this dog was created with love in his blood. He’s our Pinnochio, a real boy to us. Smile And because I love a good book rec, I’m currently reading The Uglies Trilogy. It’s been good so far!

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas crafts to come!