Saturday, April 20, 2013

Running for a cause…

I’m running a half marathon. There. It’s out there. I can’t believe I’m going to actually finally run one! I’ve had a lot of “runner” friends or friends who run over the years. The ex athlete in me wants to be a runner so bad, but my volleyball knees have always opposed. I’ve thought about signing up too many times to count. The obstacle of running that long has always been a little bit of a fear starter in my exercise mind.

Why now? First, I’ve always been intrigued with Team in Training through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I like that they give you ways to raise money for such a good cause and at the same time, train you to run long distance. I need the accountability and coaching (coming from a coach, hmmm). And it seems like an easy motivation to run for a society who raises money to find a cure for all the cancer patients who struggle through the terrible disease.

Second….After suffering for around a year, my Pawpaw died of lung cancer years ago. That was my first time being that close to the disease and the experience rocked my core. To see a loved one deteriorate so quickly and there’s nothing you can do about it is extremely heart wrenching and agonizing to watch. When it’s terminal, it’s the longest goodbye there is. It’s hard to know that your family member is staring death in the face waiting for it’s arrival and knowing their indefinite coming absence is inescapable. Seeing my dad lose his dad and see his parent suffer was one of the hardest things I’ve witnessed too. The whole thing just sucks.

My brother-in-law Ben was diagnosed 2 years ago with lymphoblastic leukemia. He overcame it which was so awesome! Unfortunately, it has returned recently and I thought this would be a great time to contribute to the cause to help rid of cancer. Since he has one of the specific cancers that this society is working against, I wanted to partner with them. So I will start training a couple of weeks after he starts his second round of chemo. My thought process is that if he can go through chemo and cancer, I can train to run and raise money to help.

My precious Pawpaw with Lisa and I in the 80s. :) Love this picture.


Ben (brother-in-law) at our wedding


My honor patient will be Ben and I’ll be running in my Pawpaw’s memory.

So if you donate to charities and would like to help, please click on the link below. If all you can do is pray for Ben’s recovery, that rocks too. And if you’re thinking about getting involved with an organization, this is a great one to attach yourself too. God Bless.

To donate on my running page, go to: