Monday, February 8, 2016

Supa Bowl, Supa fun

Being married to a football coach has had its perks. I get all the salacious sports news that I love to hear about and my husband is apart of a sport that I actually don't mind watching. One of my ways to serve him in our marriage is to host our friends for a sporting event. Friends and sports are his love language. Naturally, I invited some of our friends over for a Super Bowl get together. 

The first part of a gathering that I tackle is the food. Hosting is one of my favorite things in life. I love to serve others and see their faces when they appreciate a good time with good food. I like to think up crowd-pleasing recipes that I know people will love when they have it at the meal time. The menu for the Super Bowl party was:
Chili dogs
Potato Salad
Spinach and Artichoke Dip*
Paula Dean Banana Pudding*

The meat was brought by one of the couples so the rest of the above menu was on me. I'm not going to lie by saying that not every item needs to be homemade. We all work and are tired on the weekends. The last thing I want to do is home make every single menu food. The beans and potato salad received the short end of the long week stick. It happens. 

However, the spinach and artichoke dip was from this website. Her pictures looked a little different than mine, but for the most part, this dip was a hit. 

For dessert. I went with a tried and true recipe by Paula found here. This dish is always a hit because of two words: condensed milk. That ingredient is a game-changer and makes this pudding the best (and prettiest) I've ever had. 

(Yes, this is a cutting board with our faces. Thanks to Mom for the unique Christmas gift.)

(My living scraps picker upper. :) haha)

I went light on the decorations this year because I had a jam-filled weekend of adulting and getting stuff done that wasn't related to the party. Consequently, I kept the deco to a minimum and simple. 

Some action shots for the night....

I printed off a grid numbers betting game and we played commercial and football bingo. Each couple provided two $5 prizes. We had four winners from the grid game and two bingo winners. All the games were found on Pinterest, but next year I'm making my own. 

It was a successful night overall and we had a good time. We even had a baby to party with us and she was a gem. 

Oh hey, 2016.

Last year was the year of highs and lows. I won't get into details because that's not the purpose of my blogging intentions. However, just know that there couldn't have been more lower points and higher times. God couldn't have been more evident in most of the moves our lives took. It's strange to not be able to put a title on last year like it was a "bad" year or a "good" year. When it comes to time frames, I like to be definitive about my insight. I don't like grey area so I can come to terms with the good and the bad. I can't for 2015. Period. There was so much grey because of the extremes of the year. 

And then came 2016. I cannot believe it's here and last year is over. There is a sigh of relief around our home and a little excitement on what's to come this year. Fresh starts are so nerve-wracking and refreshing all wrapped up with a bow. I don't like surprises unless I know about them. And I only like good surprises. The planner in me knows that my plans for this year are not my own. They lie in the hands of the Father and I'm well-aware at this point, they sometimes don't match. With all of that knowledge...bring on 2016. 

On another and related note, I have a friend, Jarvis, who is one of those people with good ideas. We click because we both like to go after what we want and we get it done. Anyway, she told me she was doing a vision board for this upcoming year and I was feeling inspired. I'm never good with goals that are written down for some reason. I make them in my head and let ambition lead the way on fulfilling those goals. This year I wanted to put them in a visible spot for all to see. They are vague and not particularly measurable. Any time I've taught how to write goals in my classroom when I was a teacher, I told them to write them with a time frame, making goals attainable and measurable. My time frame is a year and I think they're all attainable. :)

So go out and get a poster board and make it something you want to look at for the upcoming year. Here's mine:

They are the typical goals and I couldn't be more basic, but they work for me and where I am in my life. Goals are customizable and made to fit the life they are going to fit into. Go write yours!